A Day in the Life of a Vegan


A blog focused on all aspects of veganism, from animal rights to environmental conservation.

Falafel in a whole wheat pita with avocado, hummus, and babaganoush from Maoz in NYC

Anyone who can hook me up with some toke, alcohol, coke or molly while I’m in NYC would be my fuckin hero.


Vegans don’t have cheat days. You can cheat on your diet, you can’t cheat on your morals.


Very important video about the cruel angora wool industry. If you see “angora” on the tag, that product likely came from an abused rabbit, like the ones in this video. Heartbreaking. 

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Avoid all palm oil. The “sustainable palm oil” is bullshit.



oh my god :,( I’m fucking done drinking milk.

^proper reaction #soylife


Spot a difference!

Aha, got it! There are dogs in the first picture and meat-animals in others, easy.

Sounds absurd?

Not to everyone. Every day people kill innocent beings, while at the same time they (think they) are:

  • Against animal cruelty and violence whatsoever
  • Support freedom
  • Hate injustice

You supporting violence. You are against freedom.
You are the injustice.

Stop being hypocrite.
Go Vegan.

- Jenny Brown  (via seulray)